Cotton Facts

A bale of cotton weighs about
500 pounds
The U.S. cotton industry generates about
200,000 Jobs
The amount of cotton used to print $1 bills per year is typically
4,356,000 lbs.

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Member Spotlight

Robin Perkins, III

robin perkins

 A 1991 graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.S. degree in Textile and Apparel Management, Robin has been a textile industry business leader for more than 29 years. He was a founding member of Frontier Yarns, where he served as president before becoming CEO in 2014. Currently serving as Frontier's chief executive officer, he is responsible for the Sanford, N.C., company's operations, strategy, vision, marketing and culture.

A National Cotton Council director since 2014 and past/current member of multiple NCC committees, he recently was elected as a NCC vice president for 2020. Among boards on which he has served are: NCC's export promotions arm, Cotton Council International; National Council of Textile Organizations; Cotton Board; and Textile Foundation at NCSU's College of Textiles. He and his wife, Sonja, have two children.


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