Cotton Facts

A bale of cotton weighs about
500 pounds
The U.S. cotton industry generates about
200,000 Jobs
The amount of cotton used to print $1 bills per year is typically
4,356,000 lbs.

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Member Spotlight

Wes Morgan

wes morgan

Wes Morgan is president of the National Cotton Ginners Association (NCGA). Having served on numerous NCGA committees, he currently chairs its Legislative Committee and its Air Quality Subcommittee. He also is chairman of Southeastern Cotton Ginners. Morgan, who was a participant in the National Cotton Council’s (NCC) 2016 Emerging Leaders Program, also serves as a NCC director and as a member of the NCC’s Cotton Flow Committee and Quality Task Force.

Having graduated top of his class at King’s College in 1987, Morgan is manager of Rolling Hills Gin, LLC, in New London, N.C. He has served as a Stanly County Chamber of Commerce director and currently serves on the Stanly County Economic Development Commission. He is an active member of New Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church in Richfield, N.C., where he attends with his wife, son, and daughter.

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