The Cotton Foundation

The Cotton Foundation

Major activities carried out during 2005.

The Cotton Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005. Today’s Foundation still vigorously carries out its mission of encouraging, facilitating and conducting cotton research and education. However, support is weighted toward projects that can help the NCC carry out its mission of providing U.S. cotton industry members a world marketplace advantage.

The Cotton Foundation was able to maintain 70-plus members as agribusiness mergers and acquisitions continued in 2005. These member firms' dues ($376,000) went entirely in support of 30 general research and education projects for 2005-06. Investments and Washington building rental income also provided a small portion of the funding for these projects. 

The 2005-06 Foundation general projects range from “Electronic Publication of the Journal of Cotton Science” to “Confronting Quality Challenges.” These projects are supporting work in such important arenas as yield and quality enhancement; precision farming, pest management, air quality and other regulatory concerns.

The 2005-06 class of the Cotton Leadership Program - the Foundation’s longest-running special project - visited NCC headquarters for an industry orientation.
The U.S. cotton industry is enjoying a healthy return on investment from these endeavors, too. NCC staff estimates that taking into account cash and in-kind services, the Foundation’s general projects enjoy a return of about $3 for every dollar devoted to these projects.

The Foundation’s 12 special projects, funded by grants over and above member dues, contributed to the industry’s health. From developing future industry leaders to increasing awareness about nematode damage/control, these projects played a valuable role in keeping U.S. cotton competitive in the global marketplace. In addition, individual Foundation member firms continue to support key NCC communications vehicles, including the Cotton’s Week newsletter, AgDay Cotton’s Week and the Daily Cotton eNews electronic newsletter.