Cotton Council International

Cotton Council International

Major activities carried out during 2011.

Cotton Council International, the NCC's export promotion arm, capitalized on its 55 years of experience in worldwide promotion of U.S. cotton fiber and products to the trade and consumers. CCI's worldwide registered trademark, the COTTON USA Mark, sent a strong message to consumers, providing reassurance of natural comfort and high quality.

cci korea

Twenty Korean yarn and fabric sourcing executives and garment production executives who have operations in Central America and the Caribbean – important customers of U.S. yarns and fabrics -- participated in the CCI- hosted COTTON USA Korean Apparel Manufacturers Tour to the United States.

CCI's innovative demand-building events engaged global customers at each point in the cotton supply chain. CCI worked closely with Cotton Incorporated, along with U.S. farmers, global cotton merchants, spinners, cotton weavers, garment manufacturers, home textile manufacturers, brands and retailers.

CCI's Fiber Servicing activities promoted premium U.S. cotton fiber to global textile executives.

Twelve U.S. mills joined the COTTON USA Sourcing Program this year to capitalize on CCI's expertise in promoting U.S. cotton yarns and fabrics.

CCI's innovative Supply Chain Marketing Program matched buyers with leading suppliers of U.S. cotton products through its exciting activities.

CCI supported its 510 COTTON USA licensees around the world through point-of-sale promotions, multimedia consumer campaigns and public relations efforts aimed at increasing sales of COTTON USA Mark-labeled products at retail.

CCI's Cotton Education program focused on increasing consumer demand for 100 percent cotton products in China and India. Many celebrities supported COTTON USA in Asia. Fashion designers from the United Kingdom to Thailand used U.S. cotton in their collections.

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Buyers from Bultel (Germany) and Gruppo Coin (Italy) inspect a U.S. cotton garment during the COTTON USA Buyer’s Tour to Thailand – one of several CCI- hosted events where brands and retailers met with international manufacturers of U.S. cotton goods.

Mills, brands and retailers in the Western Hemisphere and around the world took advantage of the business opportunities CCI offered for sourcing U.S. cotton and cotton products.

CCI also benefited from the continuation of multiple supporters, including the NCC; Cotton Incorporated; the American Cotton Shippers Association; the American Cotton Marketing Cooperatives; the Committee for Cotton Research; the Cotton Foundation; the National Cottonseed Products Association; ICE Futures U.S.; Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.; San Joaquin Valley Quality Cotton Growers Association; Southern Cotton Growers, Inc.; Supima; the USDA; U.S. cotton yarn and textile manufacturers; and COTTON USA Mark licensees around the world.