The Cotton Foundation

Major activities carried out during 2016.

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The Policy Education Program, whose participants met with key government officials and Congressional Members in Washington, DC, was among the many successful ongoing Foundation special projects.

The Cotton Foundation Board of Trustees approved funding for 16 general research projects totaling $279,000. Approved projects included studies related to pest management, sustainability, pollinator protection, agronomic practices and education.

Some Foundation member firms provide grants over and above their dues to fund special projects. A special project initiated in 2016 and sponsored by Monsanto will provide maintenance/infrastructure support for the Cotton Germplasm Collection managed by USDA at the Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center in College Station, Texas.

Through the Foundation, support also was maintained for vital NCC communications vehicles, including the Cotton’s Week newsletter. The Foundation’s underpinning of the NCC’s web server made it possible for the NCC to continue posting valuable educational materials, including streaming video, for industry members.

For more information about The Cotton Foundation, see its 2016-17 Annual Report at