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Comments of the National Cotton Council on Bt Resistance Management and Benefits of Bollgard Cotton
Because of the many benefits of Bollgard and Bt technology, and its widespread adoption, U.S. cotton farmers have a vested interest in maintaining its efficacy and assuring that the potential for insect resistance is mitigated, according to NCC comments concerning Bollgard, Bt resistance and refuge requirements. Learn more

Testimony of Robert E. McLendon NCC President Before the Committee on Agriculture of the House of Representatives
Adequate budget authority that will enable the House Agriculture Committee to craft responsible, effective policy is the most important priority facing agriculture, NCC President Robert E. McLendon says in testimony. Learn more

Testimony of Phillip J. Wakelyn, Ph.D. before the Telecommunications, Trade and Consumer Protection Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee
NCC reiterates position on snug-fitting and infant-sized sleepwear in hearing before subcommittee of House Commerce Committee. Learn more