Latest List of Issues


Senate Ag Committee Urged to Fund Farm Bill at House-Approved Level
The NCC joined with other commodity and farm organizations in a letter urging the Senate Agriculture Committee to fund a farm bill at the House-approved level and to view the bill as a package. Learn more

Bush Signs $5.5 Farm Aid Legislation
President Bush signed a bill authorizing $5.5 billion in farm aid. The action ensures growers will receive their payments before Sept. 30. Learn more

NCC Chairman's Report to the American Cotton Producers
NCC Chairman James Echols sumarized NCC work with Congress regarding obtaining supplemental income assistance and NCC priorities on enactment of new farm bill. Learn more

Testimony of Mark Williams on Behalf of the National Cotton Council before the House Agriculture Committee
Williams presents NCC response to the committee's concept paper on new farm legislation. Learn more

Testimony Of James Echols, Chairman of the National Cotton Council, before the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry of the U.S. Senate
Echols testified about what U.S. cotton industry would like to see in the next farm bill, specifically regarding the commodity titles. Learn more

Testimony of Robert S. Weil, II, on behalf of the NCC to House Subcommittee on Specialty Crops and Foreign Agriculture Programs
Weil relayed NCC's trade priorities and need for viable government export programs to House panel. Learn more

Testimony (Full) of Robert E. McLendon, Chairman, NCC Executive Committee, Before the House Ag Committee
NCC President Bob McLendon’s testimony regarding what the cotton industry would like to see in new legislation when commodity titles are amended. Learn more

Testimony (Oral Version) of Robert E. McLendon, Chairman, NCC Executive Committee, Before House Ag Committee
NCC President Bob McLendon emphasized that the primary focus of testimony is on recommendations for amending commodity titles. However, until amendments to long term agricultural policy are enacted, it is important that Congress continue to address the immediate, short-term financial needs of producers, he said. For the short term, he urged Congress to continue to provide relief similar to the emergency assistance enacted during the last three marketing years. Learn more