Latest List of Issues


Conservation Security Program Implementation
USDA issued a proposed rule to implement the Conservation Security Program, the agency's first program to provide payments to farmers for historical stewardship in areas such as soil and water quality. Learn more

UNITE Letter to Commerce Secretary Regarding CAFTA and China Safeguards
UNITE organizations sent letter to Undersecretary of Commerce Aldonas which reviewed the unified textile industry’s priorities for the CAFTA talks and for trade in general. Learn more

Industry Letter to Commerce Secretary Regarding Free Trade Study
Letter to Undersecretary of Commerce Aldonas notes the findings of an independent research organization's study of the impact of various potential scenarios for a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and includes findings bearing on scenarios under consideration for CAFTA as well – particularly the issue of “cumulation” with non-CAFTA countries in the Western Hemisphere. <BR> Learn more

The Application of Textile Safeguards in the China WTO Accession Agreement: Fundamentals of the Raw Cotton Market
A NCC analysis shows that the U.S. application of the textile safeguards announced on November 18, 2003 has virtually no impact on the raw cotton supply/demand situation in China for the 2003 marketing year. Learn more

NCC Comments Regarding Notice of Intent To Request a Revision to a Currently Approved Information Collection
The NCC submitted comments regarding the notice and request for comments related to the National Agricultural Statistics Service intent to revise the Cotton Ginning Survey. Learn more

NCC Testimony on Crop Insurance Before the House Agriculture General Commodities Subcommittee
NCC Vice Chairman Woody Anderson, in testimony at at House Agriculture General Commodities Subcommittee hearing regarding implementation of the Agricultural Risk Protection Act (ARPA) of 2000, said the NCC strongly supported its passage. Learn more

Cochran Letter to USTR, Agriculture Secretary
Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) letter to U.S. Trade Representative and Agriculture Secretary Veneman regarding the Cancun WTO agriculture negotiations. (94k PDF file) Learn more

NCC Statement Regarding Payment Limits Amendments
NCC issued a statement regarding Sen. Grassley's announcement he plans to introduce payment limits amendments to 2004 ag appropriations legislation. Learn more

National Cotton Council Testimony on International Trade Policy Impact on U.S. Cotton Before the House Agriculture Committee
NCC Chairman Bobby Greene testified before the House Agriculture Committee regarding the impact of international trade policy on U.S. cotton. Learn more

Statement to Commission on the Application of Payment Limits To Agriculture
NCC President/CEO Dr. Mark Lange's June 17 statement at a workshop of The Commission on the Application of Payment Limits To Agriculture urged no changes be made to the farm law's payment limits provisions and the accompanying regulations. Learn more