Industry Reaffirms Opposition Regarding Third Country Participation in CAFTA

Two letters to U.S. Commerce Department reaffirms cotton/textile industries' stance regarding third country participation in CAFTA.

Published: December 9, 2003
Updated: December 9, 2003

The final round of Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) negotiations commenced on December 8 in Washington, DC. NCC and other textile/fiber interests reaffirmed their mutual and strong opposition to provisions that would permit third country participation to undermine benefits that should accrue to signatory countries only.

This underlying message was delivered in two letters. One of the letters references findings of an NCC-commissioned study showing that U.S. officials' decision with respect to the question of "cumulation" with Mexico boils down to a choice between supporting companies that made decisions to keep investment and jobs in the U.S. and those that made decisions to move investment and jobs to Mexico.