Latest List of Issues


NCC Comments on the Long Term Policy of the Conservation Reserve Program
The submitted comments to USDA's Farm Service Agency regarding the long term policy of the Conservation Reserve Program. Learn more

NCC Letter Regarding Proposed Rules for the Implementation of the Conservation Security Program
NCC submitted a letter to NRCS regarding additional comments to the proposed rules for the implementation of the CSP. Learn more

CSP Sign Up Deadline is July 30
Producers in selected watersheds have until July 30 to complete the 2004 sign up for the CSP Learn more

IRS Reminds Farmers About Marketing Loan Gain Reporting Procedures
Farmers who pledge part or all of their production to secure a CCC loan may not be properly reporting market gain when they use CCC certificates in connection with paying off their loans. Farmers who pledge part or all of their production to secure a CCC loan can make a special election to treat the loan proceeds as income in the year received and obtain a basis in the commodity for the amount reported as income. Learn more

Testimony Regarding the Field Investigation on China’s Impact on the U.S. Manufacturing Base
South Carolina textile manufacturer Evans Tindal testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission that the loss of industrial jobs and plant closings in Cheraw, SC, are directly tied to China and all have been significantly influenced by the surge of cheap goods into the American market from the Peoples Republic of China. Learn more

Letter to President Bush Regarding Objection to "Carryforward"
NCC is one of 20 fiber, textile and labor organizations which conveyed their objection to any increase in textile quotas in 2004 as a result of a practice known as “carryforward.” (151KB PDF file) Learn more

Letter to Senators Regarding 2004 Omnibus Appropriations
NCC co-signed letter to Senators in support of support H.R. 2673, the FY 2004 omnibus appropriations bill. Learn more