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Chambliss Issues Final Observation on Hong Kong Ministerial
"The conclusion of the World Trade Organization Ministerial in Hong Kong leaves many questions open for farmers and ranchers in the United States" said Senator Saxby Chambliss today. Learn more

NCC Responds to Second Commercial Appeal Attack on Cotton Program
The National Cotton Council sent another letter to The Commercial Appeal in response to the second article of its two-part series on cotton that ran December 11. Learn more

Oxfam: Fabrication, Flaws and Fallacies
The NCC prepared a paper entitled "Oxfam: Fabrication, Flaws and Fallacies" in response to Oxfam's claim that Chinese cotton farmers are beset by U.S. cotton subsidies. Learn more

NCC Responds to CA Attack on Cotton Program
The NCC sent a letter and background material to The Commercial Appeal in advance of the Memphis newspaper's December 11 publication of an article focusing on the U.S. cotton program and its impact on African cotton-producing nations. Learn more

U.S. and China Sign Textile Agreement
The United States and China signed a broad agreement on Chinese textile imports into the United States that goes into effect on January 1, 2006 and ends on December 31, 2008. Learn more

Letter to Sens. Gregg, Chambliss Regarding 2006 Budget Reconciliation
The NCC joined other agricultural groups on a letter to Sens. Gregg, Chambliss regarding the 2006 Budget Reconciliation and strongly encourage rejection of any amendments which would substantially alter the fundamental policies and delicate balance and allocation of financial resources embodied in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002. Learn more

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Letter Regarding Upcoming WTO Negotiations (312k PDF)
Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee Chairman Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) expressed concerns over proposals from the EU and others that would dramatically reduce U.S. farm support. Learn more

CRP Re-Enrollments Offered
Ag Secretary Mike Johanns announced USDA's plan for re-enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program. Learn more

Brazil Cotton Case and the WTO
NCC President/CEO Mark Lange addressed the International Cotton Association meeting in Liverpool regarding the Brazil cotton case and the WTO. Learn more

The Case for Producer Support for Consumer Promotion
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland, in an address to the 64th ICAC Plenary Meeting in Liverpool, emphasized the need for the world's major cotton-producing countries to build demand for cotton products at retail. Learn more

The Doha Development Round of WTO Negotiations – Issues Confronting Cotton
NCC Vice Chairman Allen Helms, Jr., testified about WTO issues confronting cotton before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. Learn more

Successful Conclusion of China Textile Negotiations Beneficial to All Parties
The NCC supports the efforts of the United States and China to complete a comprehensive agreement on textiles and apparel -- that will bring certainty and manageable growth to trade in these products through the end of 2008. Learn more

Economic Importance of DR-CAFTA to Cotton Belt
Economic Importance of DR-CAFTA to Cotton Belt Learn more

U.S. Cotton Economic Situation and Issues Update (149k PDF)
Response to the WTO ruling in the Brazil case can also have implications on the ongoing negotiations of the Doha round. The Council supports a comprehensive agreement that involves all member countries and all commodities and does not single out the U.S. cotton program. Learn more

Major Factors Affecting World Cotton Price Behavior (97k PDF)
An executive summary prepared in response to Brazil’s WTO challenge of the U.S. Cotton Program. Learn more

Brazil/Cotton WTO Dispute - Ruling of the Appellate Body
A summary of the Appellate Body ruling in the Brazil/U.S. Cotton WTO dispute. Learn more

NCC’s New Cottonseed Segment: What Cotton Ginners Should Know
Learn more

Farm-Level Impacts of the Administration’s Budget Proposal
The NCC conducted a farm-level impact analysis of the Administration’s budget proposal. Learn more

NCC Issues Statement on Budget Proposal
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland said the Administration's budget outline is just the first step in a long, important budget process, and he emphasized the importance of Congress evaluating these proposals and other options as it seeks ways to trim the federal deficit. Learn more

Clarifying Delinquent Status for Administering Provisions of The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 (DCIA) (21k PDF)
USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) issued a clarification of guidelines on program eligibility for delinquent borrowers on January 6 in response to a request by NCC and Plains Cotton Growers. Learn more