Latest List of Issues


Summary of 2006 U.S. Cotton Crop Conditions (85k pdf)
NCC economists have summarized the ’06 Cotton Belt crop conditions, which will be provided to Congressional members and their staff. Learn more

New Provisions for Cotton Marketing Assistance Loan Program
A fact sheet summarizes USDA Commodity Credit Corporation's new provisions for the 2006 and subsequent crop-year cotton marketing assistance loan program. Learn more

New Provisions for Cotton Marketing Assistance Loan Program (73k pdf)
USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation announced new provisions for the 2006 and subsequent crop-year cotton marketing assistance loan program. Learn more

NCC Statement Regarding Doha Round Suspension
NCC Statement Regarding Doha Round Suspension Learn more

Senators' Letter Signals Support for Positive WTO Ag Agreement (699k PDF)
A letter to President Bush signed by 57 Senators lends strong bi-partisan support for a sound agreement for U.S. agriculture in the WTO negotiations. Learn more

Mark Lange Letter to Trade Ambassador Schwab and Agriculture Secretary Johanns Regarding Doha
NCC President/CEO Mark Lange sent a letter thanking Trade Ambassador Susan Schwab and Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns for their support of U.S. agriculture throughout the prolonged WTO Doha negotiations. Learn more

Ag Coalition Letter to President Bush Conveying Doha Concerns
The NCC joined into a coalition of agricultural organizations on a letter to President Bush conveying the group's concerns with the Doha negotiations. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Chambliss also issued a statement on the negotiations. Learn more

Sen. Chambliss Thanked for Support in WTO Negotiations
NCC Chairman Allen Helms thanked Sen. Chambliss for standing behind U.S. agriculture during the WTO negotiations. Learn more

Letter to Key Senate Committees Regarding Agriculture Disaster Assistance
The NCC and other organizations joined onto a letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the Senate agriculture and appropriations panels urging them to oppose any efforts to delete the agricultural disaster assistance provisions from the FY06 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill when it is considered by the full Senate. Learn more

Senate Expected to Take Up Ag Disaster Legislation in April
Following the Easter recess, the full Senate is expected to take up an agricultural disaster bill approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee as part of the Supplemental Appropriations bill. Learn more

Letters to House/Senate Panels Re: Disaster Assistance (55k pdf)
NCC joined with other agricultural organizations onto letters to the chairmen/ranking members of the House and Senate agricultural and appropriations committees urging that they support and pass emergency ag disaster assistance as part of the upcoming supplemental appropriations bill. Learn more

African Proposal is Untimely Diversion
NCC says the C-4 West African cotton-producing countries' issuance of a new proposal for disciplines on domestic cotton support in the Doha negotiations is an unfortunate diversion from the world’s trade ministers' important work. Learn more

Letter to House, Senate Budget Committees' Chairmen Regarding Discretionary Spending
A coalition of agricultural organizations, including the NCC, urge that a discretionary spending level be adopted that does not require agricultural programs to take additional budget reductions. Learn more

USDA Notice to Trade Regarding Temporary Cotton Storage
The notice said that the production of ’05-crop upland cotton has exceeded available commercial cotton storage space in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and parts of Texas. Learn more