Farm Bill Now Law With Exception of Trade Title

The House Parliamentarian issued a statement saying the override of the President's veto on HR 2419 makes that farm bill legislation law, with the exception of the trade title.

Published: May 23, 2008
Updated: May 23, 2008

House Parliamentarian John Sullivan, citing an 1892 Supreme Court decision in Field v. Clark , issued a statement May 22 saying that "the law that would result from a bicameral override of the President's veto on HR 2419 would be the text that was presented to the President on parchment, notwithstanding its omission of the congressionally intended [trade] title."

In addition, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Peterson (D-MN) and Ranking Member Goodlatte (R-VA) issued the following statement, "Following veto override votes of 316-108 in the House and 82-13 in the Senate, the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 has been enacted into law, with the exception of the bill's trade title. The trade title was included in the conference report passed by Congress but was inadvertently left out of the official copy of the farm bill that the President vetoed. Today, the House also took action to correct the clerical error that resulted in the unintentional omission of the trade title from the enrolled farm bill and ensure that the entire farm bill is enacted into law swiftly. Most of the farm bill is now law and the Administration can begin implementing the new programs and policies immediately."