2003 News Releases

2003 News Releases from the National Cotton Council

Cotton Counts Scholarship Recipients Announced 12/02/2003
Bayer CropScience and the National Cotton Council announce the recipients of the 2003 Cotton Counts Scholarships.
NCC Applauds Much-Needed China Textile Safeguard Decision 11/18/2003
The National Cotton Council said approval of the textile/fiber coalition’s China safeguard petitions on knit fabric, brassieres and dressing gowns is a significant step toward stabilizing the U.S. textile, apparel and cotton sectors.
Textile/Fiber Coalition Wins Victory on China Safeguards 11/18/2003
Textile/Fiber Coalition Wins Victory on China Safeguards
Step 2 Program Vital to U.S. Cotton Competitiveness 11/04/2003
The NCC says the Step 2 program is vital to U.S. cotton’s competitiveness and helps the industry “ride out” downturns that range from severe currency fluctuations to massive increases in subsidized Asian polyester production.
2003 Cotton Town USA Communities Announced 11/01/2003
Three towns were named 2003 Cotton Town USA winners.
’04 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference to Focus on Principal Cotton Issues, Innovative Farming Strategies 10/29/2003
The '04 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference will offer attendees valuable insight into today’s cotton issues – from farm support mechanisms to trade negotiations – along with strategies central to profitable cotton farming.
NCC Continues Push for Fair Trade Policy 10/29/2003
NCC Vice Chairman Woody Anderson says the U.S. cotton industry’s survival hinges on having both farm policy and trade policy that provide fair and equitable provisions for competing in the international arena.
Textile/Fiber Coalition and 165 Senators and Representatives Urge Action on China Safeguard 10/29/2003
139 U.S. Representatives and 26 U.S. Senators signed letters urging the Administration to invoke the special textile China safeguard.
NCC Quality Task Force Adopts Bale Moisture Recommendation 10/10/2003
The NCC’s Quality Task Force has adopted a recommendation for moisture content of baled cotton at the gin.
International Textile Customers to See U.S. Cotton Operations, Visit U.S. Exporters 09/26/2003
Textile executives from 11 countries will travel across the U.S. Cotton Belt, Sept. 29-Oct. 10 to familiarize themselves with U.S. cotton and how that fiber is produced, processed and marketed.
USTR Praised for Attempts to Get Good WTO Agreement 09/15/2003
WTO trade negotiations ended in Cancun without progress toward a framework for further talks, and the breakdown was widespread in that disagreements ranged from topics such as investment, transparency and government procurement to antitrust policy, trade facilitation and agricultural subsidies.
USTR Proposal on Trade Distortion Discussions Much Needed 09/11/2003
The recent proposal offered by the Office of the USTR to link discussions of fiber market and textile product distortions is a significant step in WTO proceedings.
Trade Fair Aims to Spur Business for U.S. Textile Makers 09/10/2003
Representatives from 17 U.S. textile operations will be in Guatemala in hopes of increasing their export of U.S.-manufactured cotton yarns and fabrics to Caribbean Basin countries as part of a CCI-sponsored Trade Fair.
NCC Lauds Cochran’s Declaration on WTO Ag Trade Negotiations 09/09/2003
A letter from Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick says that a sectoral initiative, separate from the multilateral WTO negotiations, focusing solely on global cotton subsidies and the U.S. cotton program will be too limited in scope and would distract from meaningful progress towards multilateral reform of agricultural trade.
Trade and U.S. Cotton - Facts and Objectives 09/08/2003
This fact sheet, which says the economics of cotton production are inextricably linked to textile policy and production, both in the United States and around the world, also lists U.S. cotton's WTO objectives.
Commission Report Says No Mid-Term Changes to Farm Law’s Payment Limit Provisions, Eligibility Rules 09/05/2003
The NCC agreed with the conclusion of a special Congressionally-appointed panel’s report – that more restrictive payment limits would have a negative impact on U.S. agriculture and cause instability in that sector’s production, financing and marketing segments.
Labor Union UNITE Joins Textile/Fiber Coalition 09/03/2003
More than 70 textile/fiber industry senior executives and officials with the labor union UNITE announced a grassroots lobbying campaign in support of the unified textile/fiber coalition’s campaign to slow the surge of job-destroying Chinese imports.
Congressional Staff See Cotton Operations in Texas, Arizona 08/28/2003
Seven Congressional staffers got a unique opportunity to observe cotton operations in the Southwest and Far West August 25-28 via a National Cotton Council-coordinated program.
Three Textile China Safeguard Petitions Clear Initial Procedural Hurdle 08/18/2003
The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) has formally accepted for further consideration three of the four China textile safeguard petitions filed by the U.S. textile and fiber industry on July 24. The announcement was made in the August 18th edition of the Federal Register.
2003-04 Cotton Leadership Class Chosen 08/14/2003
The 2003-04 cotton leadership class has been selected by the NCC’s Cotton Leadership Development Committee.
Grassroots Lobbying Campaign Aimed at Slowing Job-Destroying Textile Imports 08/12/2003
AMTAC announces campaign aimed at slowing job-destroying textile imports.
Textile/Fiber Coalition CEOs Announce Grassroots Lobbying Campaign to Slow Job-Destroying Imports 08/11/2003
More than 40 textile/fiber industry senior executives announced a grassroots lobbying campaign in support of the textile/fiber coalition’s campaign to slow the surge of job-destroying Chinese imports.
South Texas Cotton Producers to Share Innovations With Their Peers From the Mid-South 08/06/2003
– South Texas cotton producers will host cotton producers from the Mid-South Aug. 10-13 as part of the 2003 NCC/FMC Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.) program.
California Cotton Producers to Share Innovations With Peers From the Southeast 08/01/2003
California cotton producers will host cotton producers from the Southeast Aug. 3-7 as part of the 2003 NCC/FMC Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.) program.
NCC Urges Use of Approved Bale Packaging Materials 07/31/2003
The NCC is reminding ginners, warehousemen and bale packaging suppliers about the importance of using only USDA-approved bale packaging materials.
Southeastern Cotton Producers to Share Innovations With Their Peers From the Far West 07/09/2003
Southeastern cotton producers will host their peers from Arizona and California July 13-17 as part of the 2003 National Cotton Council/FMC Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.) program.
NCC Joins Coalition Effort Aimed at Stemming Tide of Chinese Imports 07/07/2003
The NCC has joined with 13 other fiber and textile organizations in a coalition effort to persuade the Bush Administration to self-initiate safeguards to curb the massive flow of textile imports from China.
United Textile Industry Urges Presidential Action 07/07/2003
A united textile and fiber industry sent a letter to President Bush July 7 urging the U.S. government to self-initiate the China special textile safeguard, reject any pro-China tariff TPLs in the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and other free trade agreements, and maintain current U.S. textile tariffs in the Doha Round of WTO negotiations.
2004 Beltwide Cotton Conferences’ Focus Is Today's Challenges - Tomorrow's Solutions 06/27/2003
“Today's Challenges - Tomorrow's Solutions” is the theme of the 2004 Beltwide Cotton Conferences to be held at the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, TX, January 5-9.
NCC Taking Applications for 2003-04 Cotton Leadership Class 06/23/2003
Applications will be taken until July 1 for U.S. cotton industry members seeking selection to the 2003-04 Cotton Leadership Class.
2003 P.I.E. Program Tours Set 06/20/2003
The National Cotton Council has scheduled dates and locations for the 2003 Cotton Foundation Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.) Program.
NCC Supportive of Progressive Trade Policy; Concerned With Division Within World Trade Organization 06/18/2003
NCC Chairman Bobby Greene told the House Agriculture Committee that if U.S. agriculture is to continue to support Administration trade policies, assurances must be provided that “our trading partners will adhere to their agreements.”
NCC Urges No Changes in Payment Limit Provisions, Eligibility Rules 06/17/2003
The NCC reiterated here today that payment limits are sufficiently restrictive and further restrictions would be tremendously destabilizing to U.S. cotton – a sector only in its second year of recovery from the lowest prices in 40 years.
United Textile Industry Demands Action on China Trade Policy 06/11/2003
Officers from the six largest trade associations representing the U.S. textile and fiber industry met in Washington, DC on June 10 and unanimously approved an aggressive, coordinated lobbying campaign designed to ensure the industry’s survival.
NCC: Leave Farm Law Funding Intact 06/04/2003
The NCC joined 34 organizations on a letter urging the Senate and House appropriations committee chairmen to reject provisions that would substantially alter the current farm law during development of the FY04 agriculture appropriations measure.
NCC Cites Western Hemisphere Trade Agreements’ Potential and Pitfalls for U.S. Cotton Industry 05/21/2003
The National Cotton Council testified before a Senate subcommittee that increased trade with countries in the Western Hemisphere was of great importance to the U.S. cotton industry but cautioned that free trade agreements and preferential trading arrangements needed to be carefully constructed.
NCC President/CEO Lange Chosen to Address Payment Limits Commission Workshop 05/20/2003
NCC President/CEO Lange Chosen to Address Payment Limits Commission Workshop
U.S. Offer on Vietnam Market Access Damages U.S. Cotton/Hemispheric Partners 04/22/2003
The U.S. government reportedly has negotiated textile and apparel quota levels in bilateral negotiations with Vietnam that the NCC believes will adversely affect the U.S. cotton industry’s production and manufacturing sectors.
NCC: Grassley Amendment Adds Unnecessary Burden to Production Agriculture 03/14/2003
The NCC expressed its disappointment with an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution that moves funds from production agriculture to an untested conservation program that has not yet been implemented.
NCC: Payment Limits Bill Would Be Disruptive 03/11/2003
The NCC expressed its disappointment with a payment limits bill introduced today by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA). NCC Chairman Bobby Greene said the payment limits legislation will be disruptive as signup for the 2002 and 2003 crops already is well underway under the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002.<BR>
CCI Maximizing U.S. Cotton Product Export Opportunities in Andean Region 03/07/2003
CCI is helping gain widespread exposure for U.S. cotton products in South America’s Andean Region through its COTTON USA Sourcing Program “Andean Sourcing Fair” in Lima, Peru March 11-13.<BR>
Lange Named NCC President, CEO 02/18/2003
NCC Board of Directors elected Dr. Mark D. Lange president and CEO at the NCC’s annual meeting in Tampa, FL. He succeeds Gaylon Booker, who retired after 41 years of service to the NCC and will serve as a consultant to the NCC in 2003.
Mark Williams Re-elected Chairman of American Cotton Producers 02/12/2003
Mark Williams was re-elected chairman of the NCC's American Cotton Producers.
National Cotton Council 2003 State Unit Officers Named 02/12/2003
NCC 2003 State Unit Officers were named at the NCC annual meeting in Tampa, FL.
National Cotton Council Names 2003 Directors 02/12/2003
NCC directors for 2003 were announced at the industrywide organization’s annual meeting in Tampa, FL.
Jack Hamilton Honored As Cotton Industry Achievement Award Recipient 02/10/2003
The late Jack Hamilton is the recipient of the 2003 Cotton Industry Achievement Award.
Cotton Service Award Honors Rep. Larry Combest 02/10/2003
Rep. Larry Combest (R-TX) was honored as the recipient of the 2003 Harry S. Baker Distinguished Service Award for Cotton.
U.S. Cotton Sector’s Survival Hinges on Farm, Trade Policy Compatibility 02/10/2003
In his address to the NCC's annual meeting in Tampa, 2002 Chairman Kenneth Hood says the organization’s top challenge in 2003 will be harmonizing America’s farm and trade policies to keep U.S. cotton competitive in the international marketplace.
Alabama Ginner to Serve as NCC Chairman For 2003 02/10/2003
Alabama ginner Robert W. “Bobby” Greene was elected NCC chairman at the NCC’s Annual Meeting. He served as NCC’s vice chairman during 2002 and succeeds Mississippi producer Kenneth Hood, who will serve as chairman of the NCC’s Operations Committee in 2003.
West Texan Myrl Mitchell Honored As Top Ginner 02/08/2003
Myrl Mitchell, a Lenorah, TX, cotton ginner and a past president of the National Cotton Ginners Association is the recipient of the NCGA’s 2002 Horace Hayden Cotton Ginner of the Year Award.
Preserving Domestic Demand, Expanding International Market Access Critical to U.S. Cotton Industry’s Success 02/08/2003
NCC Economist Dr. Gary Adams provided the NCC's 2003 Economic Outlook to delegates at the NCC's annual meeting in Tampa, FL.
NCC Survey Suggests U.S. Producers to Plant 14.05 Million Acres of Upland and ELS Cotton in 2003 02/07/2003
U.S. cotton producers intend to plant 14.05 million acres of cotton this spring, up 0.6 percent from 2002, according to the NCC’s 20th Annual Early Season Planting Intentions Survey.
Mississippi Producer Named CCI President for 2003 02/07/2003
Robert A. Carson, Jr., a producer from Marks, MS, was elected president of CCI for 2003. He was named during CCI’s board meeting today at the NCC’s annual meeting.
NCC Policy to Target U.S. Cotton Industry Stability, Profitability 01/27/2003
NCC delegates will focus on policies and programs with the strongest potential to restore U.S. cotton industry profitability during the organization’s 2003 Annual Meeting, Feb. 6-10, in Tampa, FL.
Cotton Council Joins in Call for Disaster Assistance 01/09/2003
Cotton producers Ronnie Fleming and Rickey Bearden were among a group of more than 100 farmers, ranchers and rural business leaders across the nation who urged lawmakers on Capitol Hill to approve legislation to provide financial assistance to cover losses due to weather-related disasters in 2001 and 2002.
University of Arkansas Scientist Receives 2002 Cotton Physiology Award 01/09/2003
Dr. James Stewart, University of Arkansas researcher and professor, received the 2002 Cotton Physiology Award at the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Conferences.
Dr. Roy Cantrell is 2002 Cotton Genetics Research Award Recipient 01/09/2003
Dr. Roy Cantrell of Cotton Incorporated is the 2002 Cotton Genetics Research Award recipient.
2003 High Cotton Winners Staying the Course on Conservation 01/09/2003
Four farmers who have not let economic adversity stand in the way of their love and concern for the land have been named recipients of the 2003 High Cotton awards. They are: L.C. Conway, Cove City, NC, Southeast Region; Marty White, Jonesboro, AR, Delta Region; Dale Swinburn, Tulia, TX, Southwest Region; and Paul “Paco” Ollerton, Coolidge, AZ, Western Region.
Fresh Produce Sportswear is 2003 U.S. Cotton Champion Award Recipient 01/08/2003
Fresh Produce Sportswear, a Boulder, CO, Boulder, CO-based clothing designer, manufacturer and retailer, is the recipient of the U.S. Cotton Champion Award for 2003.
Study Shows Biotech is Key Factor in Move to Conservation Tillage in Cotton 01/08/2003
The availability of herbicide-tolerant cotton has allowed and encouraged cotton growers to adopt conservation tillage practices, according to a study conducted for the NCC.
U.S. Cotton Faces Challenges – From Farm Policy Preservation to EffectiveTrade Agreement Negotiations 01/07/2003
NCC Chairman Kenneth Hood told those attending the 2003 Beltwide Cotton Conferences that the NCC’s primary challenge since passage of the new farm bill and one that persists -- has been maintaining that policy in the face of a constant flow of misinformation and negative publicity. NCC President and Chief Executive Officer Gaylon Booker said with trade liberalization inevitable, the U.S. cotton industry can no longer afford to allow U.S. trade negotiators to be generous with U.S. market access without getting something meaningful in return.